Sex Education

Intercourse and sex fun for adults it a great way to pass the time.

Yes, we all have 24 hours in a day. Not 13 or 16 hours. Each day, we have a unique journey. There are times we are tired, levels of energy are relative, and we feel like we want to get up and do something. Sometimes we are just ready to get up and do something with a pint of chips in our lap. Other times we are energized from simply getting out our thoughts.

Where I live in the south, there are many individuals who drive hours just to visit family and friends. Food is a major part of these interactions. Not just the standard, traditional southern-style, “here goes biscuits” and ought to have a biscuit. types of food, but the “all you can eat and die of food” offers from places such as White Castle, lunch meat, and fried chicken and a host of others.

There are individuals who love to get out and exercise. Personally, I prefer to take snacks (sometimes dry roasted peanuts) and get out and mow the lawn instead of having to ride in a motorized blender to remove the seeds from the planks on the yard.

As an individual, it is often difficult to change a lifestyle, much less two or three as the saying goes. It may not be as bad as you think. Just remember that this is going to be a change in your current living situation, not the world. That means that walking around the block once a week or taking a half-pound cheeseburger out of the can instead of the quarter pounder may not be such a drastic change as you might think.

The important thing is to turn a negative situation into a positive one. You are going to have a bad day and that is on its way. Instead of torturing yourself and seeing how many crumbs you took in that night, take into the next day look at your record. See those two blocks of bread crumbs represents 2 fries, 2 water soft drinks, and those french fries you had on your way home. Now add up the calories from that full night’s eat-all-you-can eat dinner, and you may come in with over 1200 calories. Reduce that to 2500 calories and you just knocked off 1200 calories right there.

When you reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise, a positive situation will result. The body will feel better and work better because it now has more fuel than it used to with the heavy eating habits of the past, or maybe that was all it was used to.

The same with the body’s metabolism; a vicious cycle can begin and be set in motion, keep this situation going for quite a while, and the fat-burning process will start. And, if you are prepared to just eat the low-fat foods and keep your calorie intake to normal levels, the fat-burning process is only going to speed up.

The final bonus involves the hips and butt area. Maybe you can see why this would be an ideal area to target. The frustration associated with beginning an exercise routine is a large complaint amongst many personal trainers. The main complaint is our hips and butts, the areas immediately behind our computers and televisions.

Well, if you reduce those particular areas by strengthening the muscles in that area and adding a bit of cardio activity, you will start to see an improvement in those areas. But, keep in mind that this is just one spot; your body is a unit, and this is not just a problem in one area, it is a problem throughout your body.

So, if you can use tips to make your butts and hips fatten up a bit, and your overall levels of energy increase, why not give it a try. The results will be well worth it.