Second Chance for Drug Tests

One of the tests you do is the urine test. When you are undergoing that test, laboratories will require a sample of your urine, which they will screen to determine whether there are drug metabolites. It is the most popular of all the tests and it is frequently demanded. So as the test is popular, there are other ways of passing that test.

For many people, synthetic urine is the best option to pass that test. As the name suggests, it is synthetic and this means that it is right as it does not contain sufficient quantities of metabolites, which the testers are looking for. It looks like real urine and it has the same smell. Furthermore, it has the exact chemical composition just as real urine. It contains the same inorganic and organic compounds like ammonia and creatinine. There are different models on the market. When you are making your choice, it is important that you get the original.

The problem with synthetic urine is how to smuggle it inside the laboratory where it will be used. Laboratories are now aware of that and that is why they closely monitor the candidate to ensure that the right urine is presented for that test.

Another problem you might face with this kind of urine is the issue of temperature. The temperature range for urine is 94F to 100F. Temperature reading of some of the synthetic urine does not reach that temperature range. Some of them do not reach that 94F. However, some laboratories can accept that arrange, while some laboratories and clinics do not accept it. When the temperature is below that range, it is obvious that it is not real urine. The best thing clinics and laboratories do is to order for a new sample and they can decide to monitor how you produce it. When this becomes the case, it will be extremely difficult for you to present such a sample again.

However, there are some of them that are built with certain chemicals that ensure that it maintains a regular temperature. When the temperature is down, you have to put on the heat activator to keep the temperature at the normal temperature.

When the laboratory process is not monitored, it is easier to smuggling in that synthetic urine. Where it is monitored, it may not be easy to smuggle it. If that one fails, you have to try other methods that can beat the problem.

Detox drinks

Another way of passing that test is to use detox drinks for THC. The aim of any detox is first to flush out any drug remnants from the body system. Secondly, if it does not flush it out completely, it can mask it so that it will be extremely difficult to detect it. When you take, it can prevent the metabolites in your body from being excreted from your body until you through with that test. You can opt for this method when you do not have sufficient time to try another method that can completely wipe it away from the urine.

When you are subjected to a supervised lab, which is really the case in recent times, you can opt for that method as it can work for you.

The only problem with this method is that most of the detox drinks being peddled around the market are not genuine ones. When you make a mistake of using non-genuine detox products, then the aim of embarking on that exercise is completely defeated.

It is important that you learn about those fake detox products that fraud the market. When you do that, you can avoid some of the mistakes. There are popular brands on the market, which you can buy from notable markets like Amazon, Walmart, vale detox as well as QCarbo32 and chump flush and so on. If you want to rely on this product, then you have to research various product and compare reviews before you make your choice.

If you will be monitored, then you must rely on the detox method to pass that test if the lab assistant will be monitoring you since it will be easy for you to present synthetic urine.

If you are a chain smoker and you weigh up 200lbs, then you can try any of the popular products on the market. You have to research these products and make your choice based on your preferences.

Using detox pills

Another way you can easily pass that test is by using a detox pill. This is another effective method. It works very well. Many people considered more reliable than detox pills. It is bound to produce a better result when compared with the drink counterpart. In most cases, the drink can be combined with dietary fiber and that is why it can produce a better result. There are benefits of using dietary fiber.

The first is that it can facilitate bowel movement. You require this if you want to flush out those toxins in the body system. Furthermore, because it touches all aspects of the stomach such as the intestine, it can eliminate fat from your body system. When you eliminate fat, it will be flushing out the toxin contain the fat cells of the body.

Moreover, when there is a bowel movement, it can assist in excreting all the unwanted elements from the body system, which include the THC system.

There are various kinds of detox pills on the market. You have to research the market to ensure that you make the correct choice. When you get the correct detox pills it can eliminate the wastes from the system. It is effective for all drug kinds of drugs test.

Hair follicle test

Another form of test, which can undergo is the hair follicle test. This is the second most used after the urine test. One very good resource for clearing these types of tests is can be found at for free. More employers of labor subject their future employees to this kind of test. The aim is to be sure that the test is thorough. Perhaps they aware that people can now beat the urine test and they want their future workers to go for a more serious screening test.

It does not mean that you cannot beat the test. It simply implies that it will be more difficult to defeat. The test can be prescribed instantly where they have sufficient evidence that the urine test is abused and that the result is not reliable.

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