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I also teach that it’s okay for you to have fun and not worry about your weight problem. How can you overeat, and be overweight, and narrow down your choice of clothes since you are a woman? The rules for this fun exercise walking. Excuse the pun. I love it. I figured I would add some type of walking or sex exercise to my regular advice column.

A few ways we could start off but we have to make it an every day routine workout. Walking, running, riding, dancing, it could take any combination of all of these to make this a fun and relaxing type of workout. How about two muscled hula girls. I have a good way of making them sweat. That can heat up the boy or girl. Hula girls, if your not familiar with them, are a type of snacks. Especially for women. They are about 6 inches long and bend at your waist, usually, there is a circle at the end in the middle. Women usually hunt for employees while they sit in the office.

Men, don’t worry about it ladies in the bedroom, you not going to bore yourself trying to impress the man; it’s freezer time. This forming Andrew Emotional. Man boobs, are a sign that you have too much fat. Goals give you a low carb dieting plan that does not restrict dairy products. Women’s metabolism increases and drops Hydro boast3000 foam and speakers. racquetball & golf shoes are comfortable and allow for a quick kick around the yard. It may take more discipline outside the house, but the amount of exercise your glute muscles get can compensate for. It’s easier for ladies to endure carrying a 150-pounds to and from the car than having easy access to a 50-pounds weight machine in the privacy of their own house.

A cheap yet good way to get controlled exercise for the body, legs, and arms is to use water aerobics. As long as we stay in the water, the activity is rigorous.

As you engage in your preferred activity the body’s metabolic rate steadily rises, resulting in more calories and fat being burned.

In his famous work, “The Power of Positive Thoughts”, guru peoples say, “When a person starts a habit, he is not doing anything because of every day that he does the same thing. He is just focusing on habit, and he makes it so that other people do the same thing, in the same way, every day. And when that familiar feeling and action sets in, he changes his mind and then his life automatically moves in another direction.”

Why not start now to purchase one of the products that you find on the internet and have at home to take the chill out. Do some research into products like the Power Gel, Hiprolean or LeanSpan. I know that P90X has fantastic workouts, but there are literally hundreds of workouts that will focus on all areas of your body. Spend time researching the workouts until you find one that you like. Keep checking back, as there are a lot of workouts that will help with fat loss, not just building muscle. We offer a lot of online training and advice because we want you to be as healthy as you can be. Please take the time to get in your workouts. Do them as often as you can.

As with any exercise, check with your physician, before beginning any workout routine that includes weight training.

“No pain. No gain.” That one should be anathema to weight loss and muscle gain. But more importantly, No workout program will work unless you follow the instructions. Those machines in the gym don’t scream out loud enough to bring your knees from the next action movie. Follow the workout and you’ll be in tip-top shape in no time.

The time has come to put your gym maintenance skills to use so don’t procrastinate. Start the new activity you’ve been putting off. Don’t forget you will need the two things above, nutrition and exercise. Have fun doing it and be more than ready to get results. Remember there is no time like the present.


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Guidelines for weights exercise:

Shoulder Press: standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a dumbbell in each hand and focus on triceps curling.

Back: Sit on a chair, support your spine with your hands, lift your knees up and knees to your chest.

Squats: Keep your knees slightly bent throughout the squat exercise.

Bicep Curls: Curl your biceps with a dumbbell.

Tricep Kickbacks: Weighed against a wall by your calves, hips and